MTech Patents

Etegent Technologies has developed an extensive patent portfolio resulting from the innovative research work it has conducted. Etegent inventors have 37 issued patents. The MTech Group, in particular, has 31 issued patents and another 5 patent applications filed and pending.

In the last two years the MTech Group has had two patents issued related to our proprietary waveguide sensing technology for measuring vibration, strain and temperature in extremely harsh, hot environments, up to 3000 deg F.

  • Patent 10,852,277, “Active waveguide excitation and compensation” describes a method to independently measure both strain and temperature on a high temperature, metal-fiber, ultrasonic waveguide sensor. 
  • Patent 10,854,941, “Broadband waveguide” describes a high temperature, metal-fiber, waveguide sensor for measuring vibration in hostile environments such as near the main bearings in aerospace turbine engines.

 Our recently filed patent application for a “Preloaded Strut” describes a unique actuation strut developed under a project to create a very high bandwidth, high accuracy six-degree-of-freedom motion simulation system to test components destined to operate on hypersonic vehicles and other aerospace platforms. Actuation struts for these applications must have very high axial stiffness in order to transmit the necessary actuation forces, yet must be flexible in bending in order to accommodate the cross-axis motion and angular motion of multi-degree-of-freedom (MDOF) simulation platforms. The unique design of our actuation strut enables it to apply accurate, large-amplitude actuation forces to motion platforms, with long-term reliability in systems with large MDOF motion.