Etegent’s MTech Group (MSG) has decades of experience developing innovative mechatronic solutions for a broad range of applications.

The group strives to understand fundamental physical phenomenology and develop solutions from the ground up via design synthesis, modeling, prototyping, fabrication, testing, and validation. We leverage modeling, analysis, and experimentation to generate data and drive decisions. We are grounded by material science and manufacturing technology. 

Historically, focus areas have included ultrasonic based temperature sensors for extreme environments over 3000 deg F in turbine engines, high-frequency/high-accuracy motion control systems for testing next-generation hypersonic missile components, and innovative approaches for applying machine learning for in-situ defect detection in additively manufactured parts. 

MSG has developed solutions for commercial customers including Proctor and Gamble, Emerson Electric, II-VI, and defense customers including MDA, US Air Force, and the US Army.

Check out this video to see an implementation of Etegent’s high bandwidth/high accuracy motion simulation technologies in a 3 degree-of-freedom (DOF) prototype system. Development programs for next-generation missiles, precision guided munitions, and hypersonic platforms require system component operation be validated in hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL) test systems which can deterministically replicate the harsh, high frequency, MDOF vibration environment experienced in flight. Such test systems do not currently exist. Etegent is applying its high bandwidth/high accuracy motion simulation technologies to address this critical Air Force need.

Etegent’s High Bandwidth/High Accuracy Motion Simulation